Vague Memories

My name is Joanna Puciata and I had a sister with Down Syndrome an Artist, Kasia Puciata, who passed away in 2004 leaving behind an artistic legacy and a proof of determination and perseverance to live to the highest potential. I am an author of Vague Memories, a book dedicated to my sister’s life full of misunderstanding and society’s rejection, her fulfillment through artistic expression, growing up aristocrats in socialistic Poland, family legacy and everyday moments.

It became my mission to inspire people around the globe to bring joy and purpose into the lives of people depending on others to live fulfilling lives. Every one of us, no matter what condition was dealt to us, needs a reason to wake-up in the morning. Every one of us has a hidden talent, dream or desire that seeks fulfillment. Recognizing it in someone who has a hard time expressing it is possible only through a blind, unconditional, unquestionable love.

Through my sister’s art I want to spread the demand for social acceptance and inclusiveness in arts.