This website is dedicated to my sister, Kasia Puciata (1961-2004), an Artist with Down Syndrome, born an aristocrat in communist Poland, during times unfavorable to concepts of compassion, inclusiveness and acceptance. Often
Joanna Puciata
treated as a second class citizen, Kasia lived a fulfilling life and died an accomplished artist leaving behind an exceptional legacy.

Kasia’s story is a love story. All we need is one person to love us unconditionally, accepting us for who we are, supporting our talents and ideas without ridicule and belittlement to gain wings. It is especially needed for those unable to support themselves. Our own limitations should never be the measure of someone else’s potential. Love is the greatest force able to overcome many obstacles. Despite being born with Down syndrome, Kasia Puciata’s talent should not be seen through the prism of a disability but rather as pure divinity, unconstrained by human conventions and forms. She offered us a different way of perceiving, adding tremendous value to the world of art.

If you choose to have one of Kasia’s paintings, you will be purchasing her inspirational story of the power of unconditional love, perseverance, going against society’s norms, coping with loss with inner tools as well as a lifetime strive for excellence and desire to create an outlet for self expression. It is my intention that my sister’s art will empower you to be a great and open minded human, serving others and treating them with dignity and regard.

It has been an incredible journey involving people from three continents. I am touched and filled with appreciation.