Down Syndrome Art, Growing-up in socialistic Poland

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Permalink for this paragraph 0 Maria Puciata, Poland – Kasia’s Mom
This draft with memories of Kasia, so well  written, with such a great feeling is a treaty on LOVE. This is a poem about a HUMAN, about her talents, beautiful nature and a long 43 -year life. At the same time it is an APPEAL to future mothers not to be affraid.

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Permalink for this paragraph 0 Thank you for the amazing authentic world you took me to. I book marked it to read your memories. I read some, why don’t you publish it. I felt I am living in a surreal world. I loved the paintings. You are a women of heritage…culture and history. I know now why I always intuitively felt as if I have known you before. Inshalla every thing will be well especially last days. God be with all of us. Thank you for being you…very proud to know you.

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Permalink for this paragraph 0 I read your work with pleasure.   Your memories from Poland brought especially vivid moments of my own past.  I actually WAS ON THAT TRAIN to the Baltic Sea ( my dad insisted on frequent summer trips to the sea…), and I WAS CHECKING ON THAT CARP  in the bathtub before Christmas ! (every year) . I like your choice of events from the past, and how you described them.   Your way of writing of the Polish past speaks to me because unlike a lot of Polish people living abroad I have met so far, you are able to deliver appreciation rather than criticism only for the life that once was.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Your dear sister, Kasia brought a memory of a young man with Down syndrome who used to live in our neighborhood, in Czestochowa where I grew up.    His name was Pawel, and he was a friendly soul, talkative, and always walking with a smile, stopping by the benches, talking to old, and young, never down (why would it be called a down syndrome I wanted to ask…). I read of Kasia, and of your family struggle with admiration for the amount of love offered to her, and for her artwork which I enjoyed very much.   I think I will go back to your website on many occasions.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Nilda Alfaro, McHenry, IL:

I must say even though I do not know your sister Kasia I felt in a short moment I was able to know who she was as a person. You blew my heart and mind away it was so, touching and what wonderful work she did. I can relate to some of the of moments Kasia had and the experience that she went through. I think it wonderful they way in which you’re keeping Kasia’s memory alive. I truly believe this is the reason God gives us memories: is to be able to recall and never forget our loved ones. I want to thank you for sharing this with me, it truly means a great deal.  It touched me to see pictures of Kasia and I felt your sense of missing this wonderful person that God put in your life.  They are angels who are sent to us to make our lifes easier through hard times and they have the most beautiful and loving hearts.
Thank you Joanna it continues to show me to never take ANYTHING or ANYONE for Granted.
Anna Wolska, Canada:
Wspaniale !!! Nawet lezka sie w oku zakrecila! Dla mnie osobiscie  bylo to jeszcze bardziej interesujace  poniewaz czulam sie poniekad czescia tego okresu, aczkolwiek moglam te  lata  nasze dziecinne  zobaczyc twoimi oczami. Wspaniale opisujesz okres Swiat , ktore byly najwazniejsza polska tradycja.  Mieszkajac w Kanadzie juz 20 lat  staram podtrzymywac  je jak najbardziej  ale ……. brakuje tych kolejek do piekarni z zapachami swiezutkich rogalikow ulatniajacych sie  przez male lufciki  i drazniace nozdrza nawet najbardziej zaspalych Warszawiakow. Jest tyle drobnych rzeczy o ktorych sie z czasem zapomina, jak np. filcowe ‘ kapciuchy’ ktore-zalatwialy 2 sprawy za jednym zamachem - mozna bylo dalej wygladac w “komplecie  , i  elegancko w szpileczkach   a rownoczesnie nie drapac podlogi drewnianej, wrecz ja  odkurzac ..

Tak ,  to sa drobnostki, ale  najwazniejsza byla Kasia, pomoglas mi ja w jakis sposob poznac lepiej . W tamtych czasach bylam za mloda , aby sie orientowac w stosunkach miedzyludzkich, liczylo sie tylko z kim bede sie dzisiaj bawic na podworku. A wlasnie Kasia odwiedzala  moja czesc placu zabaw   i spedzalysmy godziny na hustawkach. Kiedy mysle o niej zawsze mam w glowie obraz slicznie ubranej dziewczyny, wystrojonej w dobrze skrojone sukienki i zawsze ale to zawsze z mala, biala torebeczka  na ramieniu. Byla bardzo mila osobka, pozytywnie  nastawiona do  swiata i mozna bylo w niej wyczyc cos specjalnego. Zyla zdecydowanie w swoim swiecie , ale okazalo sie teraz , ze to byl swiat prawdziwej artystki. Obrazy so rewelacyjne, maja swoja zdecydowana glebie, zmuszaja wszystkich do refleksji nad zyciem, kazdy przeciez z wiekiem zyje w jakis ramach, ma jakies bariery, i tylko szczesciaz , i czlowiek pozytywnie myslacy moze zobaczyc –  nawet te male jasne okienko na koncu tunelu.
Brawo dla Kasi!!!!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Kinga Brzostek, Poland:
Kasia, Kasik, Kasienka, Kasiulek… She was an amazing person. A few years ago her mother Mary gave me her paintings and now they are my treasure. My dream is to hang them on the central wall in my future house. Thank you Joanna for this tear in my eye, thank you for everything!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Czytam i placze, tak jakbym miala ja przed soba…
za moimi plecami mama, tlumacze jej tekst
dumna jestem z ciebie!!!!!!!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Marta Madigan, United States, OH
Kasia was my friend. Sometimes, she would call me and ask my address. She visited only a couple of times but her presence is always with me through her art. Art of a beautiful heart and a deep understanding the nature of painting. Kasa was not afraid of unexpected color compilation nor quick strikes of a browsh. Result: abstract landscapes turning into a journey to Kasia’s incredible life. She continues to take me to her dreamy world of both dark and joyful pictures.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Dorota Otrebska, Canada
I applaud your work; admire your talent. Your writing took me back to my bellowed neighborhood, and it is such a comforting feeling knowing after all these years I am not the only one remembering it THAT way. Kasia is proud of you! Congratulations, Dorota

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Kathy Mor, United States, IL
A beautiful story! Thank you for sharing your sister with us!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Karina Kott, United States, IL
great paintings!! Congratulations!!!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Margaret Skrzypkowski, United States, IL
Incredible depth of Kasia’s paintings leads my feelings inside her soul. There seem to be an untachable connection between my own self (the viewer) and Kasia’s vision of the world greater then what we normally can see. I wonder if others can feel and see this mystery of life with the same intensity, or have my own experiences brought me to the place where I can appreciate the unknown so much more then ever before. The beauty of those paintings lies in people’s ability to open up their hearts and see portrayed pictures in their own light by the power of interpretation.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Amanda A, United States, IL
Joanna, This is truly magnificent. Your narratives are so vivid. Feels like I’ve just been to a special exhibit at the Art Institute! Thank you for sharing.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Diana K Dokken, United States, GA
Beautiful and Inspiring!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Ivona Grobis, United States, IL
I have seen many of Kasia’s paitings and they are beautiful!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Gaye Estey, United States, MI
I have heard so many of these types of stories. I worked for special education administrators and teacher consultants. They are the salt of the earth. But most of all, the children receiving special education are the definite gems. They are blessings to mankind. They are here for a purpose.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Linda Mugdur, United States, IL

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Kena Pastore, United States, IL
Beautiful story and art!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Gosia Olszewska, Spain
Kasia byla niesamowita , niepowtarzalna i utalentowana.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Aleksandra Matuszyn-Suh, Poland
Kasia ze wzgledu na swoja  chorobe postrzegala swiat inaczej niz my wszyscy i znalazlo to odzwierciedlenie w jej sztuce. Bylam wielokrotnie pod wrazeniem jej niezwyklej wrazlliwosci, a pytania ktore czesto stawiala sobie lub bliskim jej osobom czesto stawialy na glowie “moje” widzenie rzeczywistosci. Niezwykla osoba i niezwykla sztuka:)

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Erin Cipriani, United States
Great story!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Stephanie Hewitt, United States, IL
Wonderful, captivating story. Beautiful work!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Stan Targowski, Poland
This is not only a great story by sister about sister, but also a great way to remember Kasia. I remember Kasia, I also remember her dedication to painting. I remember the first exhibit in Chicago. Hope others will be able to see these wonderful paintings, and learn about the artist.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Tamara McMillan, United States, IL
Truley an inspiring story and artwork!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Chelsea Jo Conard, United States, NY
A beautiful story and artwork. And 2 sisters, beautiful inside and out. I’m sure she’s so proud, Joanna.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Anna Nalls, United States, IL
There is no greater gift that you could give Kasia but to share her story and artwork with the others….

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Bassam el Shammaa, Egypt
Love it, well done, excellent job,bless you and all your family.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Trisha

Permalink for this paragraph 0 That was absolutely fantastic! You are an amazing sister. You are definitely keeping your sister’s legacy alive. What an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing! Extremely touching!!!

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Denise

Permalink for this paragraph 0 What inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing. I am truly uplifted.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Parisa

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Beautiful! I am so sorry for your loss but so happy that you are keeping her memory alive. I will say a special prayer for her soul. You are a wonderful sister:)

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Terri

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Your sister and family are in my thoughts and prayers today. Kasia’s art was truly inspiring, thank you for sharing it with us.

Permalink for this paragraph 0 Julie

Permalink for this paragraph 0 My heart is all over this!

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