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Kasia Puciata

Artist With Down Syndrome

Don't Forget About Me!

- Kasia Puciata 1961 - 2004

About Kasia

Kasia was born with Down Syndrome in Warsaw, Poland. She was brought-up in a loving family. She was a seeker, an ambitious individual, seeking an outlet for self expression. Once fascinated by something, she never gave-up and pursued it often for years, even if she couldn’t master it like she wanted to. Her interests included music, playing guitar, knitting, dancing, practicing her signature and alphabet and painting. Her knitted masterpiece took a decade to complete and is an absolute, complete and holy piece of art.

Mayor of Warsaw with Kasia’s mother, Maria Puciata, exhibit opening ceremony – 2014

Hoda Kotb, Co-Host of Fourth Hour of Today and Dateline NBC Correspondent, awarded one of Kasia’s painting during the National Down Syndrome Society Spring Luncheon, New York – 2013

Street exhibit, Warsaw, Poland – 2016

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